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ACT150 Airframe Wiring & Interconnect Cables

Effective cables for challenging and hazardous environments. Used predominantly throughout the aerospace industry. Additional applications include communications, automotive, mass transit, defence/marine, oil, gas and petrochemical plants.

Features & Benefits
• Low weight/volume
• Resistance to oils and solvents
• High and low temperature capabilities
• Excellent fire resistance
• Low smoke and fume properties
• Excellent physical performance and aging properties
• Approved by Civil Aviation Authority Performance
• Meet requirements of BSG230 Test 42 (Resistance to arc tracking)

Operating Temperature
• -65ºC to +150ºC (on all ACT150 types)

Voltage Rating
• 600 volts rms at 2000Hz (on all ACT150 types)

• ACT150 Type 01
• ACT150 Type 02
• ACT150 Type 03
• ACT150 Type 04
• ACT150 Type 05
• ACT150 Type 06

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