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Deutsch® AS Hermetically Sealed Fuel Tank Connector Series

Deutsch® has introduced a dedicated range of hermetically sealed connectors for Motorsport fuel tank applications that provide a high degree of performance in harsh environments where normally resilient connectors would fail. This is achieved by using glass to metal sealing in place of traditional plastic elastomer inserts. Connectors are supplied with a Viton® O-ring to provide a high standard of sealing between the connector and bulkhead. The AS07PT range is available in three insert arrangements 10-98 (6 size 20 contacts), 12-98 (10 size 20 contacts) and 14-97 (4 size 16 and 8 size 20 contacts). All connectors have an integral potting cup, rear internal accessory thread and external boot termination feature to cover all common cable termination options. Connectors are also offered with solder cup contacts and Jam Nut mounting as standard, and are fully intermateable with the existing AS connector range.

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Deutsch Hermetic Fuel image


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