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KTKK Backshell Assemblies

We stock a comprehensive range of KTKK assemblies designed for the military and marine markets. KTKK’s are available with Rayaten® screened moulded parts to suit a wide range of connectors.

The KTKK and TCFS product families come with the added advantage of pre-installed adhesives, which can drastically reduce the installation time and cost of harness building.

KTKK cable assemblies are one-part assemblies for screened and unscreened cables. Constructed from heat-shrinkable Rayaten® screened moulded parts and connector adaptors, the assembly consists of parts already well proven in harsh military environments.

Installation is simply effected by coupling the adaptor to the connector and shrinking the rear of the moulded part onto the cable with a hot air gun.

The moulded part has a hot-melt adhesive pre-installed to provide a bond between the cable jacket and the moulded part. When used in conjunction with shielded (screened) cables, the assembly provides electrical continuity between the cable shield and the connector with Rayaten® moulded parts.

Rayaten® moulded parts are shielded, heatshrinkable parts providing shielding levels better than 80dB at 100 Mhz.

Full instructions for assembling are supplied with each KTKK.

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