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Co-axial Cable Termination

SolderSleeve coaxial cable terminators allow reliable, easy terminations in a variety of coaxial cable applications, including printed circuit boards. The insulating and strain-relieving capabilities of SolderSleeve terminators provide the ideal solution to centre-conductor breakage problems. Designed for applications with temperatures up to 150ēC, the products in this section include:

Product Facts
• Transparent polyvinylidene fluoride or polyolefin insulation sleeve provides encapsulation, strain relief (eliminates centre conductor breakage) and insulation.
• Pre-fluxed solder pre-form provides a controlled soldering process.
• One-piece design provides easy installation and lower installed costs.
• Pre-installed termination leads provide convenience and ease of installation.

SolderSleeve Coaxial Terminators
B155, CWT, B02X/B, B04X, D181 and D184 Series

SolderSleeveŽ co-axial cable terminators provide reliable, economical attachment of co-axial cable to connector terminals, printed wiring assemblies and solderless wrap terminals.
For more information see page link SolderSleeve® Co-axial Terminator

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One-piece SolderSleeve
B155, CWT, B02X/B, B04X, D181 and D184 Series

PCB co-axial cable terminators provide quick, easy and cost effective terminations of co-axial cable to printed circuit boards.
For more information see page link SolderSleeve® PCB Terminator

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