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Tapes & Adhesives Introduction, the Adhesive Products Selection Guide & the Adhesive/Material Compatibility Chart

IS-Rayfast supply a wide range of adhesives and sealants to accommodate a wide variety of applications, materials and environmental conditions. Adhesives available include both thermosets, thermoplastics and high temperature materials.

High Temperature Epoxies, Ceramic Adhesives, Castable and Machinable Ceramics and Tapes and Fabrics. Uses include high performance bonding, potting, sealing, casting, moulding and coating.

Thermosets are curable two-part epoxies or cross-linked elastomers.

Thermoplastics are hot-melt adhesives that flow when heated and set when cool.They reflow when re-heated to simplify component repair.

For further information please see either the PDFs below, the Tapes & Adhesives section in the menu to the left, or just contact us for further details.

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Tapes & Adhesives - Introduction

Adhesive Products Selection Guide
Adhesive / Material Compatibility Chart


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