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TCFS Cable Feedthroughs

With a heat-shrinkable moulded part pre-installed, TCFS’s provide environmental sealing and screen continuity to a bulkhead as a cable passes through. The assembly consists of a specifically designed locknut and O-ring seal with a heat-shrinkable moulded part pre-installed. Feedthrough installation is simply effected by tightening the locknut on the rear of the bulkhead, which compresses the O-ring and ensures that a small knife-edge provides electrical contact between the assembly and the bulkhead. When heat is applied to the moulded part, a seal to the cable is formed with a hot-melt adhesive. When screen earthing is required, a conductive adhesive provides electrical continuity via a screened Rayaten® moulded part.

Features & Benefits
• Screened or unscreened cables
• One-piece part
• Each size covers a wide cable range
• Lightweight
• Single and double sided cable support available

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