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Deutsch® AS Filter / Fibre Optics Series Connectors

AS Filter Solutions
With ever increasing systems and equipment sensitivity, unwanted noise created by ignition and communication systems on race cars can cause the “Black Box” designer a real headache.

The Deutsch® AS Filter Connector range provides a high performance, space saving solution by placing the filter elements in the “skin” of the equipment, meaming the RF window is minimised and RFI/EMI conducted interference is adequately attenuated. In conjunction with the Autosport industry, two values have been determined for optimum performance: the 5nF ‘LC’ and 10nF Pi configuration. They are available in #10 thru #18 shell sizes incorporating the -35 high density planforms.

AS Fibre Optic Solutions
High quality fibre optic contacts are available 10-02, 10-03 for any AS Series connector planform having size 16 contact locations, eg 12-04, 14-97, 16-08, 20-16, 20-39, 22-21 and 24-29.

The precision ceramic ferruled fibre optic contacts are available for high quality (aerospace type specification) optic cables and silica glass fibres, enabling high speed. EMI / RFI immune data transmission. The optical contacts are designed to meet MIL-T-29504/5.

For details please download the PDF for Deutsch® AS Hermetically Filter / Fibre Connectors

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Deutsch Filter Fibre image


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